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Israel 2015 Day 36: An amazing outdoor wedding

Israel 2015 Day 36: An amazing outdoor wedding

The big day had arrived, Ilanit and Nir's wedding!! We went off to Hadera in the morning to the amazing venue. The weather was beautiful and really co-operating -- only 26C! We arrived and saw the beautiful bride and handsome groom come in, and chatted nicely to everyone. In true Israeli fashion, there was a Hummus Bar at the wedding!! What a great idea. Lots of lemonade and water was a good plan -- while the weather was not *too* hot, it was still quite warm for someone just coming from cloudy and overcast England :) Everyone was joyful and excited for the happy couple.

The beautiful outdoor ceremony under the Chuppah was performed and as Nir took one hearty stomp on the glass, the crowd erupted in Mazel Tov!!  L'chayim!! Cheers, and on we went to the dining area inside a magnificent tree grove. Great food, heartfelt loving speeches, and epic dancing. A wedding like no other! The music was very fun, and I especially liked the Yeminite music -- it was like Jewishy music mixed with dirty beats!! Awesome. Spring dancing with Talia was adorable.

As we were sitting at the table after a break from much dancing and celebration, Miriam, an amazing lady at our table said something which absolutely floored me. Her English was good, but her first language is Hebrew -- so in the way that people speak a foreign language with more formality and very beautifully, she said, "I can tell from the way your eyes light up that you are very special. Your soul is happy." I was totally floored, totally lost it and sobbed at the table. Heart on the sleeve, you know. :) Such kind and amazing and beautifully wonderful people here, all celebrating a magnificent union with the best of hearts. No wonder I am so happy to be here!

The desserts were insanely awesome. Frozen yoghurt (with Tahina sauce?! I tried it of course, but I asked Michal if that was normal, and she said it was actually unusual), Meringue with fruit was so good with cream on top and in the middle... and the most amazing was a chocolate lava brownie with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and nuts in a martini glass! (I had 2) :)

Shabbat Shalom! On the way out, there were mini-Challahs to take with you home for Shabbat!! What an awesome idea! It was fun to have the evening still after a Friday afternoon wedding. A really great and amazingly organized event. We went home after wards to relax and change, and I had a chat and hang out with the boys. In the evening we went out to see the cousins in Herzilya Pituach and had Kyoto Ramen... finally a ramen without Pork broth!! It was great and had tasty light noodles. We stayed up late eating (surprised?!) and chatting till late.

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