Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pixar Cars Wrap Party 2006

What an amazing night it was. We had great food, hung out with all of our amazing co-workers and their friends and family, ate more amazing food and danced the night away... looking pretty darn stylish in our fancy clothes. I chatted with some of my Pixar heroes and got a few really awesome photos.

My friend Tracy from LA was really excited to meet Roy Disney (see picture below!)

I had SUCH an amazing time, and it was so sweet to be able to share in this amazing experience with so many awesome awesome aweeesssooommmme friends. Man I love this place. :)

The Pixar front entrance!

Sweet Cars logo in the parking lot

Walking to Pixar

More walking

Matt, Kev, Manish and Rupali

Me and Tracy

Word! Kev, Me, Matt

Me with Fonz and his friend

Tracy with Roy Disney and his wife!!

The man of the night, John Lasseter

Me and Matt at the theatre

Me and Tracy

The entrance to the party

Matt looking excited about the food

Tracy with her friends

Me and Matt

Another classic of me and Matt

Manish and Rupali

A sweet group photo

Tracy with S-Bizzle and her boyfriend

Me and Allan

Me with Guido and Jamie

Fonz's hair with some sweet UV Mapping

Matt and his friend from school

Me, Tracy and Andrew Stanton, director of Finding Nemo!!!!!!

Frank and Jess

Jaime and her sister

Matt and Eric

Another group photo

Frank and I in a weird picture

Frank and I doing a weird high five

Nathan and Jen

And yet another group photo

Me with Edwin and Junyi

Haha good pic of me

The decorations


More decorations

Me, Tracy and John Lasseter!!!!!!!

Haha Piotr in his white tux!

Mater style cookies, good times

Cathy and her friend, looking stylish on the dance floor

Me and Cathy breakin' it down 'ol school

Slick one of Piotr and me, James Bond style

Haha and another random group pic

Me with the roast beef and turkey that I found at the end of the night, it was awesome

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