Saturday, March 07, 2009

JogDial - My buddy Nathan's iPhone App!

Hey all,

My insanely talented buddy Nathan Matsuda just released his first iPhone App.
Check it out!

"JogDial turns any iPhone™ or iPod Touch® into a scroll wheel for your Mac.®"

Pretty amazing stuff, and he's got a Client App that talks to the iPhone App... very cool stuff.

Description from Nathan:
It's just a jog dial, like you'd find in a professional editing suite, except it's on your iphone screen. I just set it next to my keyboard to scroll through clips while I'm editing in final cut. Much easier to find a specific frame then arrow-keying through or whatever. It also works well for navigation long lists of things, like songs in itunes (since it works like the ipod clickwheel), or photo albums.
Sharp website, too!
You can download it now in iTunes here for only $1.99, and support Nathan's work!

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