Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pandora Radio frickin' rocks

So "Pandora", the online music radio, is absurdly good. I don't have my new desk ready yet, therefore I don't have my new computer up and running yet, therefore my Mp3s are who-knows-where, and I don't even have a stereo system yet, therefore I presumably have no way to play my beloved Dave Matthews Band, right? Wrong! Enter this glorious Pandora radio awesomeness.

I thought that was a reasonable backup plan, and I figured it couldn't be too bad, right? Anyway, it's like glorious. It's what I've always said - wouldn't it be great if I had a radio station with NO COMMERCIALS that also played pretty much ONLY Dave Matthews?! And... problem solved.

This is amazing. I'm on the "Dave Matthews Band Channel" which plays literally a DMB song every OTHER song. They are interspersed with other very very very reasonable Jutan-friendly artists: Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Counting Crows, Bush (Acoustic "Glycerine??!?!?!?!?!"), even some Pearl Jam and some other kinda chill stuff that would literally be the EXACT kinda stuff I'd choose to listen to anyway. This is amazing.

I am blown away. Who else in the world has my exact taste in music?!?!??!?! Well played, Pandora Radio, well played. Apparently the "Music Genome" project tested a sample of audience which included the Dave Matthews-obsessed and discovered that these key specimens also like other chill/sick jazzy blues-rock from artists with incredible talent, artists who are great on their studio albums but like absurdly awesome when live. I don't know how you'd quantify that as a specific musical taste, but apparently there is some underlying method to my musical-interest madness.

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