Friday, March 13, 2009

Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer

Oh man, this interview was intense.

After a week of bad-mouthing the CNBC network, Jon Stewart had Jim Cramer on his show. What resulted was an absolutely intense, 30 minute power-slam from Jon Stewart. It seems to me that the news networks pretend that Jon Stewart is "just a comedian", and that since his show is on Comedy Central, somehow that means he can't hold his own in purely intellictual arenas... I tell ya - he even outdid himself this time.

The main purpose of the interview was to try to hash out some of the details about why CNBC touts itself as a business news network and Jon Stewart argued that the network was "in bed" with the seedy Wall Street underground. He talked about the disconnect between long-term pension fund growth from regular Americans, and speculative/risky short-term stock trading by Wall Street "insiders" which rests on the shoulders of the regular Americans who want to protect their future earnings.

This interview was ABSURD!!!!! I feel pretty darn bad for Jim Cramer - it was almost of Jon Stewart vs. the Crossfire dudes proportions... totally nuts. Jon Stewart was SO angry. Just one punch after the next. Jim Cramer didn't stand a fighting chance. Also I should note, it was a good "interview" - though it was really more like a very well-researched, "intellectual rant" than a 2-way conversation. Jon Stewart just ploughed him down. Whether or not he "deserves it" is a totally different story. The video clips were brutal though - just so harsh and such an awkward situation...

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for goodness sakes, post a link to the video!