Saturday, May 09, 2009

Operaton sort out apartment

This weekend I've been rockin' super fierce on apartment work so I can finally get this place organized! Today was a huge success... got the TV stand finished, moved books onto the new bookshelf, unrolled the carpet... tons of stuff. This is really great.

Tomorrow I'm gonna put up the artwork and do a bunch of other housework too. Good times!

New TV stand and bookshelf in the living room

The living room before I unrolled the new carpet

My bedroom still needs some work, gotta put the art and photos up. I got movie poster frames so I am going to put up the Ratatouille and Wall-E posters soon. I think rather than putting up a bazillion movie posters like before, I'm only going to put up posters that I have a credit for... hopefully another one soon!

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Unknown said...

Hey... What books do you have? Publish your list here... :D tnks