Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why DMB rocks

Just sent this to someone on Facebook who asked what it is about DMB that makes them so special, and why does everyone like them so much... thought I'd share this to try to unravel the mystery of their complete awesomeness.
"DMB for me is on a totally different playing field than any other band. They are a super close group of friends, each one more talented than the next. They are pure masters of their craft. But they don't stick to one kind of music, they are so passionate about music as a whole that they freely jump between hundreds of musical styles and elements. Like you'll hear a totally rockin', radio friendly "rock" song but then they bust into a jam-band style solo with Indian themes and tear out some insane South African rhythms, and then mix in some Bluegrass and dirty south Jazz vibe, it's just damn insane.

I think what I like the most about them is that they live for the music, for the rush of the crowds. Their passion is so clearly evident in their intensity, and they somehow balance their lyrics between a hope for the future and happiness and a serious, serious, serious discussion about the importance of making the moment count, living well, and living peacefully.

I frickin' love this band! Hopefully this (starts) to explain why. They are the most talented musicians with the most complex and enjoyable music I've ever heard. I am fulfilled musically by this band alone, so I kinda find it hard to listen to other music. It all pales in comparison."

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