Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sweet. Got the Marc Ecko "Boba Fett For Real" Hoody!!


Last night was Parrott's B-day and so we stayed out late. My buddy Alex from Canada now works in Cupertino, so he crashed at my place last night. Today we got up and Alex helped me put together my IKEA Bookshelf which is a HUGE help, that rocks. Then we wanted a break from all the hard work (haha), so we went to Corte Madera to hang out up in the North Bay and out of the fog. We went to Macy's at the mall there and... they had... the Marc Ecko "Boba Fett For Real" Hoody!!!! I saw it from a distance and thought, "OH MAN. No way they have it here! It's DEFINITELY going to be an XXL, though..." Check out how absurdly good my luck is:
  • The had only ONE there.
  • It was on the 50% off clearance rack.
  • Not only was it not a XXL, it was a size LARGE... MY SIZE.
  • Alex also had a Macy's Friends and Family Coupon... for an EXTRA 25% off the clearance price.

I am so excited, I really liked this when it came out but it was way too expensive, and I got the Marc Ecko "Hoth Parka" hoody instead, which is also super cool. I couldn't believe my luck. With all these deals together, it ended up being about $32! Ridiculous!

Check out how awesome this is!!



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