Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Banff Day 1: Arrival

Holy crap this was amazing. My sister was at a conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada and as her conference finished I headed up there to hang out, see the mountains, and stay in this sweet hotel in the rockies. Norm got to stay here for the conference, so we extended the stay and it worked out amazingly well. I arrived late on the Friday night (about midnight local time), and thanks to my trusty brand new GPS (and new maps, see earlier post for the map updating excitement, haha), I managed to get to the hotel pretty quickly.

It was pretty dark on the way from Calgary to Banff, but it was pretty clear that the view was going to be frickin' spectacular, and it WAS.

Also, the breakfast in the hotel was AMAZZZZZIIIIINNNNNNG. It was really, really good, and each item was really intense/flavoursome, it was nuts. Even the french toast was intense!

The hotel was absurdly awesome, we stayed in the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel (thank you, hotel conference rate!), and it was just nuts. It was created in the late 1800's by the Canadian Pacific Railway in an effort to get people from all over Canada to travel to the rockies. It has a long history, and a great museum inside too. It's referred to as "The Castle in the Rockies", cause, well, it's a castle... and in the rockies!! Super amazing.

Awesome room at the hotel

The classic "taking a photo of everything in the room" photo

This is a zoomed in view of what we saw FROM OUR HOTEL WINDOW?!!!!!!!

Norm excited for breakfast

Norm at breakfast, fancy!!

This was so frickin' GOOD. Baked apple with marzipan, Pineapple french toast with strawberries on top, and gooseberries were my favourite things.

Oh no, is it raining?! (This only lasted an hour, and then cleared up totally)

Rundle Hall/Rundle Lounge


Awesome entranceway

Haha, really funny Canadian Pacific Railway clothes/vests etc.

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