Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Banff Day 3: Gondola up the mountain

On the last day in Banff, we went up the gondola at Sulphur Mountain and got some AMAZING views of Banff, the city and the rockies surrounding it.

This is literally the view FROM OUR HOTEL ROOM WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A funny chaise thing and the view of the rockies from our hotel room

Gondola lift up the mountain


Norm getting onto the gondola

View as we are going up the gondola

View from the other side

This "castle" in the middle of our photo was our hotel!!

Hilarious signs

Good stuff

Awesome view!!

"Don't feed the mountain goats!"

Another hilarious sign


Norm having fun too

Gondolas coming up to the station

Oh, Canada :)

Our "castle" again

It was a GREAT trip! :)

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