Monday, November 02, 2009

ILM Halloween 2009

Awesome Halloween party this year for work!! It was SO great, tons of good food and awesome people, and some ridiculously cool costumes too. Matt and I went as Hipsters, and I spent a bunch of time trying to find an "ironic t-shirt" - turns out Urban Outfitters had one that said "Socialist" and I thought it was EXTRA ironic because I am Canadian :)

Gelling my hair

Ready to go!

Clark Kent/Superman, Dwight, and a Cat walk to the party :)

Rolled up my pants and ready to go!

Who you gonna call?

Frank, you've got some red on you

Awesome pinata costume

Hao look insane

The McD's and the Becknerwalds looking awesome as usual


In each photo we try to look more and more hipstery. Sometimes it works!


Hipsters unite!


LOVED the Up house



This 50's monster was hilarious


Haha, a bit less classy

Mary Poppins and Hobbes chillin' at the bar


Good times!!

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