Saturday, December 12, 2009

Asakusa at night

Awesome times. Got to Tokyo and made my way from Narita to Aoto and
then to Kuramae and found my hostel. Made friends in like 12 sec cause
they were from San Francisco too :) then out wandering to asakusa
shrine area and buying some street food and other tasty goodness. Got
some great green tea.

Note about my blogging on this trip: I'll post once in a while from my
iPod briefly like this. Full posts and photos when I get back to

It's 11:20am... I made it up this late!!!! It's like 6:20am body time
now and I am exhausted. Off to my 8 person dorm room which smells like
feet and backpackers :)

Met like 5 cool peeps tonight and hung out by the shrine and tried
some weird cheese bread cake thing. This is already the best trip

Toillets are CRAZY here.

Harajuku parade tomorrow!

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