Thursday, December 10, 2009

Un-jetlagging in advance

I'm really happy this worked out in my favour!! So I've been so busy doing a bazillion things this last week or two that I keep going to bed after 4am every night. I am now stuck in a bit of a routine going to bed super super late and I was curious to see if I somehow managed to un-jetlag myself in advance of my trip to Japan... survey says... YES!!!!!!!!

It's currently 3:40am and I expect I'll finally get tired in like 30 minutes. That is equivalent to 9pm Japan time!!!!!!!!!!! So that means when I arrive in Japan it'll be just like it's the late afternoon, and when the evening arrives in Japan I can probably push myself the first night to stay up until 11pm or so pretty easily... and then I am exactly into the swing of things on the first day!

Haha, I love when my chronic doing-too-much-stuff-at-night finally pays off. :)

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