Tuesday, December 01, 2009

iMenorah - our iPhone Menorah App, is now an iTunes App Store FEATURED HOLIDAY APP!!

This is absolutely absurdly insanely amazing, I can hardly talk.

Tonight I logged onto the App Store on my iPod Touch, and noticed a new "Holiday" banner. Pressing it, I got to the list of the iTunes App Store "Featured Holiday Apps" list...

iTunes App Store - new "Holiday" button

...and iMenorah is on the list!!!!!!!! Oh maaaaan!!!!!!!! I can't... believe... how awesome... this is. :)

iMenorah is on the list!!

I called Matt right away and we celebrated and jumped up and down with excitement. Not only are we are SO excited from all the reports from friends about the iMenorah logo in the holiday displays at Apple retail stores across North America (so far: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Winnipeg, Toronto!), but to add to the excitement, iMenorah is now featured in iTunes as a "Featured Holiday App!" This is so motivating and surprising and SO SO SO SO cool.

Even better, this is not just exciting news for us, but we hope this advertising will help us make an even bigger impact this year for our local community. Last year we donated approx. 10% of the 2008 holiday proceeds of iMenorah (in multiples of $18 - חַי) to the San Francisco Jewish Community Center, to help with their renowned Arts & Ideas lecture series. These seminars bring all members of the San Francisco Bay Area community together - Jewish and non-Jewish alike - in a captivating spirit of shared learning, questioning, debate, and inspiration.

This holiday season, we have decided to donate to a local San Francisco Food Bank. This past Thanksgiving weekend, many local news outlets reported about a significant increase in the patronage at local food banks, and we feel that food banks meet an incredibly current and rising need in the United States. With your support, we hope to donate more this year than we did in the holiday 2008 season! So, thank you in advance!

For more info on iMenorah, check out our site here:

And it is available for purchase now on the iTunes App Store, by clicking here:

Thanks for your support, and Happy Chanukah!

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