Monday, January 11, 2010

Ok, Japan blogging coming THIS week

I got back last Tuesday from Japan and the combination of 17-hrs of jetlag + a cold I got in South Korea on the way home + too many good movies on the plane and not sleeping at all on the way back = a few extra days to unwind after the trip. :)

I'm finally (mostly) back in the right time zone, and all my photos and videos are downloaded, so I'll be starting to post the Japan trip journal pretty soon. Lots of great pics. I'll spend a good amount of time choosing pics to post too, and I'll edit together some of the HD Videos and post those to YouTube as well. This is gonna be fun. I "manually blogged" (i.e., "wrote a journal") while I was there, so it'll be a matter of reading through my scribbles and point-form and re-constructing the stories from that. Good times.

Hope you all had a great New Year and I'm really excited to start posting this stuff. It will get auto re-blogged to Facebook if you usually check it out on there. I will also be posting all the images to Facebook photo albums and captioning them on there too. All the movies will be posted to YouTube, and then posted inline inside of the Blog Posts. The movies will also be linked directly to my Facebook page if you're into that kinda thing. Word. :)

Should be sweeeeeeeeeeet.

Finally got all my gifts sorted out and into envelopes to mail back to friends in Canada. Apparently my 50 lb backpack was at least 50% gifts. :)

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