Thursday, May 06, 2010

Go see "Best Worst Movie"!

Tonight I went to the Bay Area Premiere of "Best Worst Movie", a fantastic independent documentary film by first-time director Michael Paul Stephenson. Michael was the lead child actor in Troll 2, the "universally acclaimed worst movie ever made", currently sitting at a fantastic 0% on Rotten Tomatoes! I had the "pleasure" of watching Troll 2 last month... :) I was watching it in a big group, all laughing and enjoying the totally ridiculous movie.

This is a documentary about all the people who acted in the movie 20 years ago, where their lives have led and how they are reacting to their newfound fame as cult film heroes. This is a really fantastic documentary, funny and sad and serious all at the same time, and a true story about people and a silly filmmaking adventure they did together. It shows all the quirky and unusual personalities, the lives of small-town folk, and the elusive Hollywood dream that for most, remains an unattainable goal or a past hope that has been long discarded. It's an independent film with a limited run so check out their site here for more details on where it will be showing. I strongly recommend it, it's currently 92% on RottenTomatoes (not bad, given Troll 2 is still at 0%!) :) Great movie!

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Unknown said...

you should see the MST3K guys' take on it!