Sunday, May 09, 2010

Yosemite Camping Trip 2010

This weekend I had an awesome time with the SCAD crew & friends, up at Yosemite Valley camping and hiking for the weekend. Great times, crazy amounts of hiking, and a smore/snickerdoodle cookie/reese's peanut butter cup combination-dessert that you'd definitely want to write home about.

Beautiful sunset on the way into the park

Brian slick in the morning

Megan ready for the hike!

Off we go...

At the start of the hike

A squirrely friend

We're climbing... where?!

Pro hikers


Up we go

Brian taking tons of glorious photos

Break time!

On the way to the Mist Trail



Brian looking pensive


Camera master

Hiking master

Crazy trees growing sideways on the rock wall above us

Mist Trail - put on your jackets!

Orion at the top of Vernal Falls


Yeeah yeeeah!

This "rocks"

Christine's pensive moment

Another classy Orion shot

Applying sunscreen, with style

Great one of Luke and Christine

Wait for it...


Wait... we're hiking... where?!?!

Loveeee iiittt

Will's Kanye moment

Next stop: Nevada Falls

Up we go again

Top of Nevada Falls


Soaking our hair in cold mountain water

Shake it off

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