Sunday, August 15, 2010

Algonquin Provincial Park canoeing trip - Summer 2010

This year I scored an invitation to the world-famous Williams/Lausch Algonquin trip :) I've heard of this legendary trip for years as Matt and his family have participated for quite a while, and it always sounded really amazing. I was really psyched that I got to go along this year, and it was an incredible time. We went to a canoe-in campsite (only accessible by water) in Algonquin and did some portaging (first time I've ever portaged!) and took in tons of tasty food with us. We had lots of time for chatting, eating, cliff jumping, swimming, campfire, guitar, making smores, chopping wood, and lots of other very Canadian summer activities. It was a really awesome crowd and an absurdly well-organized adventure. Thanks Williams crew for including me on the fun! Also thanks to Vicky, MattL, MattP and others for some of these photos. :)

Driving from Toronto to Ottawa

Farm House

At the launch site

Vicky and Jess excited to get rollin'

Tony looking sharp

Matt playing Dave's leg like a guitar (?!)

And... we're in Canada

Matt with a dish towel protecting his neck. I had my long hair to do that job for me :)

Dave and Laura at the lunch break spot

The two amazing organizers, Lloyd and Joanne

Matt Strachan: the man, the legend

Having fun already!

Collecting wood for the fire

Matt wielding a club

Making dinner

Chop chop!

Kurtis going fierce on this tree


This was a good, and useful, stress reliever

Mom and Son

Rockin' out

Rockin' out and more wood chopping behind us

Beautiful lake

Two bros

Sweet lake action

Campfire time


Whittling time


Matt explaining his tattoos


Ready to roll

Oh, Marty!!!!!!

Gracie with her sun hat on

Me launching for a front flip

Me, mid air

Me, landing on my side (haha)

Kurtis with a classy dive

Natural water park

This did not work out as well as I was aiming for

Kurtis going backwards

Kurtis riding the wave

Eyeing out our next adventure

Sweet clouds

Back at camp

Preparing for some more campfire time

The Captain

Haha great one of Laura

Marty being a good dog

Hanging out

The boys and Gracie

Extreme closeup of Matt



Great pic of Marty I stole from Matt Lausch

Marty, still very photogenic


A photo of us cliff diving from across the lake

Kurtis ready to jump

Another pic at the water park

Lloyd and Gracie

Instant best friends

More guitar

Keep on rockin' in the free world

Canoeing traffic

Small portage

Me on the way back to the beach

Laura and Dave looking sharp

We're done! Sandwiches and drinks waiting for us at the beach.

Marty looking sad to finish the great weekend


Gracie also sad to finish the trip

But all is good when Marty gets more attention

Ye 'ol prospector

Rock and roll

Woo!!!!!! What an amazing trip and and awesome group of people!

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