Monday, August 23, 2010

New shoes?

My crazy Rainbow Brite/Skittles Adidas neon shoes are getting a little worn from overuse lately so I'm starting to look into the next crazyyy-ass pair that would suit me well. There are a few possibilities. Not too keen on high-tops cause they look weird with shorts but these Cat in the Hats are pretty sick. I've been scoping out these Nike Piet Mondrians for a loooonng time so miiiight try to score a pair on Ebay. These purple Adidas ones are pretty slick too. Each one is pretty crazy, but if I can track down the Mondrians in my size, I think they will be the clear winners :)

Converse Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat high tops

Nike Piet Mondrian Skateboarding Los

Purple Adidas Greenstars

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