Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ottawa 2010 Day 1: Obama Cookies and Biking

I was in Ottawa last month... for the FIRST TIME EVER. It was getting to be a bit embarrassing calling myself a true Canuck here in the USA and never having been to "Our Nation's Capital", so it was about time! It was a really awesome city and my sister and I ventured out around the city a whole bunch. It was 42+ degrees C with super high humidity, and every day like clockwork it would rain at about 4pm just as I was walking back to my sister's place. :) Part of the fun :)

Lamps along the Rideau Canal

Building season downtown

Windy stairs

Mmm... PB&J

Cool tunnel under the main road near Parliament


Fairmont Château Laurier hotel

Chains for the locks

Steps for boats

Another photo of the locks

Fairmont Château Laurier hotel

One of the Parliament buildings

The bakery where Obama visited and bought Canada cookies!! They have renamed them "Obama Cookies" and Obama's visit has made this place very popular.

Photos of Obama with the Governor General of Canada

Just like being in France :)


We bought a Maple Eclair and lots of other awesome stuff

Norm and our feast: maple eclair, almond croissant, tartlette framboise

Anyone want some blueberries?

Sooo gooooooooood

Corn, or as you might say, Mais Sucre :)


Smiling turnovers

This fruit was amazing


River along our bike ride

Me and the touring bike I was riding, it was fun

The beach

More locks

Boats waiting for the lock gates

Sweet bridge

Amazing houses in The Glebe

Out with Laura in the evening

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