Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Basin Camping

Last weekend we went camping at Big Basin in Boulder Creek, CA near Santa Cruz. It was freakin' amazing, and the first self-planned camping trip we've done in California!!

We really enjoyed it and it worked out amazingly well. We didn't forget anything super important, the food was amazing, the people were awesome... we went on a sick hike and had a great time away from the city.


My crazily huge new 6-man tent!!!!!!

Michael doing some verbal kung-fu



The Brothers Parrott

Tree head

Awesome Frank & Jess Photo #1

Awesome Frank & Jess Photo #2

Awesome Frank & Jess Photo #3

Men of consequence


Another crazy spider web

At the top of the hike

Camp Awesome!!!!!!!

We are cool


Grits and Chiewe


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