Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ottawa 2010 Day 3: Rideau Hall, Museum of Civilization

Thankfully this only took a month to post all my photos from the last trip (as opposed to Japan which took 7 months) ;)

This is the last set of Ottawa pics, what an awesome time. This was from my last major wandering-around day, and I had a great time checking out Sussex Drive, Rideau Hall and the Museum of Civilization.


Blue Skies

Park behind the Chateau Laurier

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica




I'd never seen 24 Sussex Drive (the Prime Minister's Residence). Now living in 'merica, I assumed that it would be HUGE and you could probably take a tour, a.l.a The White House. Turns out, in very true Canadian understated-ness, the Prime Minister's Residence is LITERALLY the Prime Minister's Residence. There was a cute stray cat wandering around which the security guard was petting. So funny. The best part - there was a trampoline in the front yard for his kids to jump on!!

Beautiful gardens at Rideau Hall, office of the Governor General of Canada


Cool Inukshuk

Guard at Rideau Hall

Native Canadian art at the Museum of Civilization

Awesome canoes

There was a history of Canada exhibit and they had a replica printing place with some Winnipeg Jewish Community prints

A replica of The Wildcat Cafe in Yellowknife, NWT

View of Parliament from the Museum of Civilization

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