Thursday, December 09, 2010

Home from Singapore

Home safely in SF. It's 12C and raining here, and I haven't been so excited to feel cold air in, well, I can't even imagine how long! The nights in Singapore were even 26-28C, and the humidity during the days was pretty nuts! There were even some days over 32C I think, which was crazy!

Anyhow, home safely and actually already unpacked. I'm keen to look at my photos but I'll leave that for another night. I am pretty tired but still kinda jet laggy so we'll see about when I can get to sleep, but I'll probably try to unwind now.

Excited to see all of these photos, there are gonna be some good ones in the bunch!

I'll start by Facebooking the photo albums and Youtubing the videos. From there I'll write up the blog over the December break and start posting the daily entries retroactively.

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