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Singapore/Malaysia Day 2: Awesome Flight, Part 2

November 22, 2010
Singapore Day 2: Awesome Flight, Part 2

We left the plane in Narita and headed into the terminal. It was now about midnight SF time, but we were so excited for the whole trip and from the first plane ride that we were still energetic enough to run around the airport looking for cool stuff. I thought it would be the same terminal area where I was last year in Japan but it was definitely a different area. I was hoping to find a Uni Qlo (sometimes referred to as the "Asian Gap" store) because I loved their clothes in Japan last year. I was also keeping an eye out for the Totoro Mug I really wanted to get last year but couldn't carry around while backpacking for a month!

We didn't find those 2 things but we did find a pack of Soy Bean Kit Kats and a pack of Wasabi Kit Kats!! Very strange, and I'm sure the folks back in San Francisco will love these weird Kit Kat flavours. I found a can of Pocari Sweat (like Tokyo Gatorade, sortof), and Matt got a cool Totoro plush toy. Then I saw a huge pack of Sakura-Matcha (Green Tea-Cherry Blossom) Kit Kats in the distance and ran over to buy those too. Hooray!! We're not even one day in and I already have gifts for everyone back home in San Francisco. :)

After the quick shopping excursion, we only had about 30 min left so we headed right for the lounge. It was really cool. The key item to photograph/video was a 45 degree Beer pourer, I'd researched the lounge in advance and heard about the legend of the 45 degree Beer pouring machine, so we were excited to see it. It was hilarious. See the next post for a video of it!

The lounge had some great snacks, Kiri cheeses, some Chicken & Mayonnaise sushi, Chocolates, Mini Sandwiches, and more Pocari Sweat (good times!) I sent a few quick emails and then we headed off to the gate. The 2nd plane was a Boeing 767 which was similar, but had different seats so Matt fit in much more comfortably which was great. Then we started to get really tired, as it was about 1 or 1:30 SF time. The plane was nice and relaxing... and before we could think about it... here comes dinner #3!

Matt in the Narita Lounge

Funny Chicken & Mayonnaise sushi

Looking tired after the first leg of the trip, but still super excited

Onto plane #2! Time to do some reading.

Quite a different layout on this plane than the previous one. Matt also fit better on this flight!

This choice was quite weird. I got the "Kun's Specialty Plate" which was all smoked dressings, smoked butter, smoked vinegar, smoked flavour in the potatoes - it was really intense!! I think they would have smoked the cutlery if they could have!

Oooooh super good ice cream and Sleepy Time tea which was fantastic and did a great job getting me to sleep!

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