Friday, December 03, 2010

Singapore and Kuala Lumpur: Blog coming soon...

Hi folks!

Quick update on this super awesome trip to Singapore. It's been an absolutely fantastic trip so far. I've taken a crazy amount of photos (but maybe not as many as Japan/South Korea last year) :) It's going really well here and we're having an amazing time.

I've been taking notes day-by-day and I'll be compiling and processing my photos after the trip and then writing up the blog retroactively, same as I did with the Japan trip. But for the eager beavers in the crowd, here's a quick highlight list:
  • Getting stuck in the Rainforest in Kuala Lumpur in a Monsoon and with no idea how to leave the Malay Tea House we'd wandered to because they wouldn't call us a cab
  • Speaking to the Python User's Group of Singapore
  • Finding my coveted New Balance Rainbow Running shoes here - this time in glow-in-the-dark Orange and city-light colour
  • Making up silly names to remember each subway station
  • Hanging out with Matt, Jess, Leila and all our friends here
  • Fish Head Curry (it was scary)
  • Chinatown Market St at Night
  • Chillin' out with some Mint Tea and Mezes in Bugis
  • The Merlion
  • Amazing architecture
And plenty more to come, I'm sure :)


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