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Singapore/Malaysia Day 11: Fish on the water

December 1, 2010
Singapore Day 11: Fish on the water

We headed to work for another busy day, and it was great. I headed back to Tampines with Matt and we got some Thai Food which was good. The exciting part was the Lemongrass Ice Cream for dessert! Very unusual. We got a box of the "Baby Donuts" (timbits/donut holes) at the mall and ate a bunch and then took the rest back to work to share. We joked about the donuts in the classroom in the afternoon and how many weird kinds there were. There was a savory cheese donut that was super weird!

In the evening, we headed out with Steve and Jon to East Coast Seafood. There were tons of non-Kosher options (d'oh) but plenty that I could eat which was great. I ordered fish, but it was unclear if you ordered by 100 gr or something. I tried to order 2 kinds of fish and the guy thought I was crazy... 2 fish?!?!?! The Black Pepper crab smelled good, and everyone else enjoyed it :) But I was very happy with my fish in Lemon Thai sauce. As it turns out it was the whole fish, so I almost ordered 2 whole fish... whoops.

We had a great view of boats in the harbour and it was a nice evening for hanging out. After a good dinner we headed back to the hotel. I was going to go out with the guys to a club but decided just to go to bed early because we have a big work day tomorrow. Awesome times!!

We headed to the "East Coast Seafood Mall" area which was right on the water. Beautiful sunset.

As usual in Singapore, they are a bazillion boats in the harbour.

Great pic of Jess

There were lots of food options at dinner despite it being a "seafood" place. Jon ordered this venison.

Everyone very serious about dinner.

Steve explaining something, Matt and Jon listening closely.

Me having a lot of trouble with the chopsticks

One of Steve's dishes

This was the Black Pepper Crab - unfortunately another non-Kosher thing I couldn't try :( But it smelled great and I think everyone else enjoyed it. I was really happy with my fish choice!

Back at my room for tea and mince tarts from Marks and Spencer.

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