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Singapore/Malaysia Day 9: Jess arrives, and New Balance Rainbow Running

November 29, 2010
Singapore Day 9: Jess arrives, and New Balance Rainbow Running

Jess and Leila arrived in Singapore last night and they are staying at the same place as us! Awesome. We met up with them for breakfast at the hotel and also ran into Mike and Simon commuting in on the MRT train! Jess and Leila are really excited to be here and it's great to see them.

This morning at work I found the New Balance Singapore twitter feed! As it turns out I missed a New Balance Warehouse Sale by 2 days, and they had the crazy "Rainbow Running" shoes from last year for $70?! Amazing. I didn't buy those in Japan because they were soooo crazy but then I thought about them for about a year so I figured I should probably try to get them now that I'm back in Asia. :) Anyhoo, I looked for a bit and found there are new Rainbow Running "Night" shoes that glow when car headlights shine on them!! There are a few new colours this year, they are insane, and there are 4 New Balance "concept stores" in Singapore so we planned to find out later.

We were going to go to Tampines Mall for lunch but it was too crazy today so instead we just headed to the North Indian vegetarian place which was good. I saw the Ice Cream bread "sandwich" guy again and got some coffee ice cream in bread, which was hilarious. We finish the first "course" today! Very exciting and work is going well. I brought lots of Canada flag pins and London Ontario pins to give out during class. That actually went over very well and people loved them!

It was raining quite a bit when we left, so we took a cab to the hotel and then to 313@Somerset, the "more accessible" mall which had the Uni Qlo in it. I got 2 plaid shirts and a cool purple hoodie. We then wandered around a bunch and saw the christmas lights and decorations on Orchard Road.

We then headed to *SCAPE, the Skate Park-Mall combination that was just off the main road. I found the New Balance Concept Store there and they had the RAINBOW RUNNING NIGHT shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are sooooooooo siccccccccck!!!!!!!!!!! These are even cooler than the ones from last year in Japan that I stupidly didn't buy. They are SO cool. I tried them on and the guy at the store motioned towards the treadmill so I tried them on there. Matt and Jess took a photo of me on the treadmill and laughed. It was fun. This was such an obvious purchase and they are so loud and so Jutan. I love them.

They had a deal where if you bought 2, the 2nd one was 50% off but they were pretty pricey and the other colour had a lot of pink on them and they were pretty girly. So I just got the one pair, and they even had my size (9.5)! Amazing. I was SO PSYCHED. I'd been going on and on about them all day and Matt said, "So I guess this is all we're talking about today?" Haha.

After some more wandering we ended up back at Ngee Yuan City and we went back to the same Crystal Jade XLB place that Matt and I really liked. I tried "Coke Light" - the Diet Coke of Singapore. It was good stuff!!

After dinner we did some more wandering as stores were starting to close. We went back to the hotel and went to sleep early after a day of too much excitement. :) The hotel is having a "Donate a gift to a child in need" program so I signed up to get a gift for a girl named Khalisah who is age 9, from Serangoon. Her note said, "My dream gift for Christmas is a pink swimming costume (small size)". Ascott Hotels is doing this christmas present drive and I couldn't find it yet but I'll go on an adventure tomorrow and try to find it. It's fun to have a sort of treasure hunt and I think it's going to be tough to find but it'll be cool to go on an adventure and try!

Funny Singapore campaign for courtesy, this sign asks people to give their seat to someone who might need it more than them.

Beautiful street Christmas lights at Orchard Road

We found the Rainbow Running shoes at the New Balance store!!!!!!

Soooooooo awesome

Boiled peanuts

Back to the Crystal Jade XLB restaurant

Coca Cola Light - the Diet Coke of Singapore. It was good!

Me jogging at the New Balance store on a treadmill with the shoes I was about to buy

The New Balance Rainbow Running shoes I bought... oh man they are crazy and awesome.

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