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Singapore/Malaysia Day 16: Wrappin' it up

December 6, 2010
Singapore Day 16: Wrappin' it up

We're almost done here in Singapore! Today Matt and I got breakfast and then headed to work. We prepped for the special sessions we'd be teaching, and then decided what to do for lunch. We were soooo "high and mighty" when we arrived, scoffing at the idea of eating boring western food instead of taking every opportunity to try something weird, wild, and new. As we were nearing the end of the trip, though, our attitudes changed quite a bit.

Our plan for lunch today? That's right: Subway and Dairy Queen. Yep.

Why? Well, our systems were getting a little weary of the magically rich and spicy foods in Singapore and I'd hit the breaking point at the Zoo a couple days before. So we decided to give our stomachs and internal systems a bit of a break today, and go to the most standard food possible, Subway. It was BEAUTIFUL. "That was the blandest lunch, ever!" I said to Matt in a fit of excitement. It was so good. The bread was so bland it tasted like it wasn't even there. Fantastic. This was a good "taste of home" for our systems and as the rich food was getting a little tough to handle in the hot and humid weather, we were psyched to take 'er easy today.

The classes went super well. After the day of work, we headed down to Harry's Bar for beers and actually found out that we'd ended up at the Indian place beside it - the chairs seemed to be exactly the same so it was hard to tell where we were supposed to order. We shared some Tiger Beer and it was a lot of fun hanging out with the SF and Singapore folks. We had some great conversations and it was awesome to get to know everyone better.

From there we headed off to a GREAT Pizza place called "Spizza". We ordered the Mozarella sticks and it was made with a whole piece of Buffalo Mozarella!!!! It was so good, and came with an excellent pesto mayonnaise. I got a 4-cheese Pizza which was also awesome and really well made. A great time with our work friends, and a nice pre-sendoff in the run-up to our last day of the trip.

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