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Singapore/Malaysia Day 14: Part 2: 1-Altitude Bar

December 4, 2010
Singapore Day 14: Part 2: 1-Altitude Bar

Yep. I'm crazy.

After my afternoon of spewing at the Singapore Zoo (see earlier post here), I slept for several hours and got up about 10pm-ish and had a shower. We really wanted to check out the 1-Altitude Bar and it was Simon's birthday from work and lots of cool people were going. I was feeling MUCH better after a nice, long sleep and about 2 L of water. I decided I could handle going out and Matt and I took off to go to the bar.

To keep it simple after my crazy afternoon, we just cabbed there. We got to the 1-Altitude Bar and went up the 68 floors in the elevator. HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the highest building in Singapore, a clear 20 or 30 floors higher than the Marina Bay Sands. Insane!!!!!! There was a really amazing bar on the roof and a super sick DJ. We met up with some work friends for Simon's birthday and it was amazing. It was great to see everyone and WHAT AN AMAZING VIEW!!!!!

It was soooo cool up there and a really great change from the crazy afternoon of not feeling well. I had a lot of fun and was feeling much better. It was also a lot cooler so the temperature was much easier to handle in the evening. The view was amazing, you really felt on top of the world. "This is SO BALLER" I said to Matt. :) I ordered 1 drink and it was "only" $15. (Whew!) I wasn't sure what to expect as there is a very high tax on alcohol in Singapore, so $15 is actually quite cheap as far as you could expect.

We hung out up there on the top of 1-Altitude and danced for a couple hours. Then we cabbed back and I ran into Matt at "Tom Hanks" as he'd left an hour or so before I did. "Tom Hanks" is a 24-hr spot so I got a small plate Spaghetti for "dinner" since I hadn't eaten much all day. I was feeling a fair bit better since the afternoon, but I was really glad I went. Awesome times.

Lights at City Hall area

Upstairs at 1-Altitude Bar

"Durian" buildings

What a view!!!!!!!!!!

Marina Bay Sands

Me and Cabernet

Another one of the Marina Bay Sands

On top of the world!!!!!!

Me and Chieeeweee


Amazing view!!

Crazy spiral staircase down 68 floors. We took the elevator :)

Wandering around the Quays

Cool bridge

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