Sunday, March 06, 2011

Just got the awesomest swim trunks EVER

This freakin' rocks.

When I was backpacking in France in 2007 I saw this pair of bright, freakin' amazing SUNFLOWER BOARDSHORTS from a company called "Pull-in Underwear". It is a French company and man they have some amazing stuff. I really loved the boardshorts but they were something like 120 Euros or 80 Euros or something. Ouch. At that time it was $150 or something for a pair of boardshorts, and I was a poor student.

Now, to my surprise, Pull-in now has an Online Store in the US. AMAZING. They have some fantastic stuff. Magically, I found the boardshorts and they are cheaper in USD now, sweet. But, they didn't have my size. Thankfully, they did have something called "Sun" shorts in my size, which are basically swim trunks. They also have a lining, so this is pretty sweet. I guess the swim trunks are actually a bit more useful than boardshorts as I can wear them everytime I go swimming. Also, they are AWESOME.

Check this out:

The boardshorts would have been sick but I'm psyched they had the bathing suit in my size. This pattern is so cool and I'm REALLY psyched for this. I am gonna rock these so hard in Iceland!

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