Sunday, March 06, 2011

New Blog Style

Hello trusty readers,

Welcome to my new blog style! Please send me any comments you have by email, I'd love to hear them. I figured it was about time for a little re-jiggering of the vibe on this site and also I wanted to make a few changes.

First, a look at old vs. new:

Old site:

New site:

Here are the major changes:
  • Background changed to use a picture I took myself. This is a temple in South Korea on a chilly winter's day in 2009 as I was backpacking through the area. I loved the bright paint and exciting architecture against the drab, chilly sky. Good times. :)
  • Colour scheme is now different to blend with the background.
  • Post typeface is now Calibri instead of Arial. Microsoft Word made the switch, so I thought I ought to as well. I think it looks sharper.
  • Google AdSense ads are GONE! This wasn't financially worth keeping for the minimal revenue given the amount of screen real-estate it took up.
  • Posts are now re-postable with Blogger's new fancy buttons. Feel free to re-post any of my posts to Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, etc.
  • Blog Topics are now sorted Alphabetically instead of by Total post count.
  • And perhaps the most important... the main post area is now JUST wide enough to handle a 640x390 HD wide screen video post from YouTube. Since switching to the previous blog layout, YouTube started supporting HD resolution video, and I bought an SLR which films in 720p! So now I can post these videos in (most of) their glory rather than everyone having to click through to YouTube to see them at a large enough resolution.
If you have any thoughts on the changes or further suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for reading!

Mike :)
P.S. I have also started testing out some mobile blogging features now that I have a fancy new iPhone 4. This is going to be a good year for blogging! :)

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