Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cutting off all my hair for Pantene Beautiful Lenghts

Matt is visiting and we went to the hairdresser today along with Alex to chop off all my big, curly locks. I had also grown my beard for the grand cinematic effect of shaving that at the same time and thereby jumping back to looking like a 22 year old all in about 30 min. :)

The purpose of this event was to donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lenghts, a charity which provides free human-hair wigs to women cancer patients. This is in honour of Kim Lausch.

The hair cutting went epically well and my hairdresser Andrea was just hilarious and totally into the whole event. I also have a video which I am editing and will post soon. Thanks to Matt and Alex for coming along, supporting the event, and for filming and putting up with my humour for extended periods of time. :)

Anyone who has long hair now and is considering donating it, check out Pantene Beautiful Lengths at It was a very straightforward process and it's a great opportunity to help someone in their time of need. Consider doing it! It was really fun and a great cause to support.

Pre-game lunch of daily grilled cheese at the Ferry Bldg
Getting my hair ready and discussing technique
Looking worried about the cut
Back view
Side view
Andrea, my hair dresser getting into it
Here comes the razor!
Cleaning up the sides
No longer beardin' it up
Almost there...
Done!!!! Amazing job, thanks Andrea!
Posing with my new cut
Excited for my new hair
And we're done!!!

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