Sunday, October 02, 2011

My dream jacket

Dear amazing Arc'Teryx jacket, one day - not now, but someday soon - you will be mine. I need to save like a madman and earn you. But one day, we will be together. And I'll take you on a trip to South America where you will shelter me from the rain outside. I love you.

OMG this is amazing.

I am hiking the Inca Trail in Peru next May and starting to look for new gear now. I am going to get a smaller pack for the trek itself, and use my larger pack (80 litres) as checked baggage instead. I'm also looking for newer hiking shoes, I have some solid Gore-Tex Merrell's with that solid Vibram sole but I need a taller shoe with more ankle support. Dad and I are gonna go shopping at REI in December.

But my real "dream item"? This Arc'Teryx jacket. OMG it is awesome. This is the Alpha LT, their top-of-the-line GoreTex ProShell and maaaaaaaaaan is it awesome. I heard that some of their lower-end jackets are now made somewhere else? But anyway this one is still made in Canada, the glorious great white north homeland of mine. :) That's what I'm talkin' about. It is a pricey beast but on the other hand IT COMES IN THIS AMAZING PURPLE COLOUR. holy craaaaaaaaaaaaaap.

I am gonna keep a look out for a sale and go to REI to get fitted and choose a size so I'll be ready to pounce the second I see a sale. $499 is a bit rough, though I am absolutely sure this jacket is worth every penny. :)

To quote Napoleon Dynamite: "I wannnnt thaaat"

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