Saturday, October 01, 2011

Ol' school Ryan Gosling reppin' Cornwalllll!

Wow, this is totally awesome. Ryan Gosling, the legendary actor and complete badass from some of my favourite movies (Lars and the Real Girl, Blue Valentine) was born in my hometown of London, Ontario. A buddy at work saw this video and passed it along cause it is SO epically Canadian. This is something I guess from when he was on Mickey Mouse Club? Pretty crazy that a bazillion really talented celebrities today started on that show. Didn't realize he grew up in Cornwall, a fair ways from London, but the vibe in this video is like an exact replica of a London Ontario summer break from school :)

The hockey playing in the driveway is awesome and I love his description about why he loves hockey. Oh man, soooo Canadian.

Way to represent your roots, bro!

[Aside:This reminds me that I should really get the show "Freaks and Geeks" from Netflix. That show looks like it launched the careers of most of my favourite comedians, I should really check it out.]

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