Saturday, March 10, 2012

Busy week!

We had a pretty epic speaker at work this past week which was damn amazing, and also lots of busy meetings and speaking at Sundance Kabuki for a San Francisco Film Society event (sum-up post to follow), plus a day at GDC, party at Zynga, chilling with by buddy Alex who just moved to the city, and then getting vaccinations for South America. Man, what a crazy week.

Taking it easy today, got a pile of todos but gonna roll downtown instead, probably try this tea that a friend was suggesting at Samovar (Maiden's Ecstasy Organic Pu-erh) and hit a movie. Seems like Pu-erh is the hardest tea to get into and is a bit less "accessible" than usual teas due to it's unusual flavours etc. But after trying a friend's 30-year old Pu-erh yesterday (good ones are ages for a long time to benefit from the oxidation process), I'm intrigued to try it further. The flavoured ones are easy to try (chocolate pu-erh etc) but feel like you're cheating a bit - I'm keen to try a good unflavoured one and see if I actually like it, or if it's just an interested tea that I'd rather observe from a distance :)

Gotta do some planning for Buenos Aires today too.

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