Saturday, March 31, 2012

Healthy living... not giving up on vacation!

Today I weighed in and I'm down 24 lbs since I started which is damn awesome.

I am super happy with the (numerical) progress and very happy with my mentality change about not eating things like it's the only time I'll ever get to try a certain thing - keeping my carpe diem in line with my caramel deleche? Or something like that. Anyway the focus on long-term instead of short-term is certainly something I'm doing with investing and budgeting, so applying that focus and determination to my health has been an awesome and hyper successful exercise. (ha, get it?)

I have a world trip coming up pretty soon and when I go off to far away places I'm always so excited about the different kinds of things to try and really want to live in the moment and enjoy all the cool things coming across my path, (read: overeat). This is of course drastically out-of-line with my new focus on health and dedication to healthy choices so it's a concerning previous trend that I don't want to (fully) bring forwards. That said, I tend to still lose weight while traveling due to the excessive amounts of daily exercise, walking, hiking etc, no matter the food choices. That's not a good precedent to set cause when I get back to San Francisco I'm certainly not going to be hiking for 8 hrs a day (though I'd suspect my food would be much more controlled).

Anyhow, this is just me sort of mentally planting a stake in the ground and pledging to myself to stay aware of the importance of my healthy choices even when everything is new and so overly-exciting and I want to try EVERYTHING all the time. I need to do it, but remember that if something is not super amazing, it's STILL CALORIES! I should still judge if something is "worth the calories" even though I'm going to be exercising so much, I don't want to totally drop the ball and have to re-learn my new habits from scratch when I get back. A taste of something might be plenty good-enough, I don't need to overdo it.

I will also probably NOT be recording calories in the MyFitnessPal app due to spotty internet access, unusual foods that won't be listed there, and not much home-cooking prep. So I'm just gonna have to be more careful to determine what my calorie intake is, and just stop when I'm pretty sure it's been enough. That's gonna be a tough transition to not record everyday, but eventually I don't want to have to record every day even when I am at home. So it's good practice for the future.

I hope to have a positive post after the trip saying, "I didn't gain a bunch of weight, and I still had fun" :)

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