Tuesday, October 30, 2012

iPhone Hack: Block calls with a silent ringtone

Some poor bugger in India keeps calling me at 5am (my time).

I am not sure why he keeps calling, and why he can't figure out I'm not his relative or whoever he's trying to contact. I don't even think he knows he's calling the US. He does speak some English, but I suspect he thinks I might be his relative and I don't want to to talk to him... and not just that I have no idea who he is and why the crap he's calling me once a week at terrible 'o-clock.

My (baller) iPhone 5 is not helping the situation. Its triumphant speakers blasted my legendary Dave Matthews Band ringtone at 5:15am this morning, as well as buzzing my floor like a champ. I shot out of bed to grab it, only to find out it was my old Indian buddy again. Bah. "My name is Mike, I am in California. You have the wrong number, again. Please stop calling!" I don't think he got it.

So, unless I have time to learn Hindi (and practice it a few times at 5am), I gotta block these calls. Trouble is, I already did.

I found out today that the Verizon block I put on this only holds for 90 days - I don't know why Verizon doesn't make the blocks permanent. So I tried adding his number back in, but it's a weird number of digits so it didn't work. Bah. So... what do I do?

As it turns out, iPhone has a way to assign alert sounds and ringtones to a specific caller. So I added his number as a contact called "Block this" and turned off the buzzer etc. But... there is no silent ringtone! Oh no! Fortunately, this guy hooked it up. You just download this silent tone, and set the contact who you want to "send to voicemail" to this ringtone.

I can almost taste the glorious quiet and solitude. Beautiful!

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