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Peru/Brazil/Argentina Day 18: Peru to Brazil

May 20, 2012
Brazil Day 18: Peru to Brazil

Up early, 5:40am (ugh) :) We were already all packed, so we just jumped straight into Mototaxis and a cab to the airport. Quick quick, it was very efficient compared to the way in. Antony came with us to hang out and also make sure we got off safely. Good bloke!

Last group shot together!
Modern terminal in Iquitos! :)

I chatted with a random cool French guy in line at the airport, and we "talked" in a couple of different languages. It was fun. Off we went to Lima first, and then to Iguassu Falls!! Excited. :) This part of the trip is going to be a lot easier, less crazy weather and we'll finally get to unpack and chill out. I am excited for that. We have really paced this vacation well.

Lucuma cheesecake at the Lima airport
Beef heart flavoured chips
some sort of Rice/Stew flavoured chips
Check out the name on the receipt for lunch, "Sr Maik" (i.e. Senor Mike) :)

We got to Lima airport, and said bye to Alicia. :( It looks like she'll be ok with her extremely short stopover, which is good. We headed to the Lima terminal lunch area (where we've been a couple times by now!) and I had a great chicken sandwich, fries, and of course, a Chicha Morada with it. Mmm. Then it was time to say bye to Kev :( And then there were 3...

And off we went to Foz do Iguacu, the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls. On arrival in the evening at the Brazilian airport, it was hilarious to watch a large group of Japanese tourists get off our plane and wander around the tarmac towards the checkin. They were VERY excited, and it was very cute to watch group after group stop and take the same photo at a random airport radio tower, it was also pretty dark outside! But it seemed a popular photo to get, standing in front of it. :)

Customs was a pretty long line, and we had to put our bags through an X-ray and it just generally took a bit. We were supposed to have a taxi waiting for us there but it wasn't there for some reason, bah. We asked for a taxi at the airport taxi desk and they quoted us about 2.5x more than the original quote we had from the hostel on the Argentinean side... bah. Oh well. The driver was awesome, teaching us some Portuguese. "Oy", "Chao".

We crossed the border over to the Argentinean side (it was cheaper on the LAN Pass to fly Lima to the Brazilian side, even though we were staying on the Argentinean side), and headed to our hostel to unpack. We headed to the bank to get some Argentinean Pesos out and... wham! More fun travel times where stuff doesn't work for you, haha... oy. I put my card in and my only option was for Spanish. There were so many words on the screen I couldn't tell what meant Savings and what meant Checking, and it was all very confusing. Frank put his card in and it worked the first time, and his screen was in English!! haha. We went to another bank and I managed to get that one to work which rocked.

Arrived in Brazil! Then over to the Argentinean side to Pizza Color for dinner
We're in Argentina... time for a huge steak... every day

We wandered around a while, exploring Iguassu Falls and looking for a restaurant. After a while we settled on a place called Pizza Color, it was AMAZING!!! I got a Bife de Chorizio (Sirloin), amazing! The sauce for the steak was oniony and so good. Frank and Jess got some amazing food too. We also got the best empenada evvveerr - soft and excellent. For a little while there was some live music which was great, pan flute and acoustic guitar. Good times. What an amazing steak!!!!! We tried some Patagonia beer as well, Ahhh so amazing to be here. After a long day of travel, we headed back to the hostel and went right to sleep, chilling out after a busy day.

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