Sunday, October 07, 2012

Male sculpture: Class 2

In the 2nd class, I worked more on the Male sculpture, adding hair, face, more muscle and width, and trying to get a more interesting pose. It worked out pretty well.

At the end of the class our awesome teacher said we should be "bold" with our poses, and asked if I didn't mind that he moved it around a bunch. He's a genius, so I said he should just go for it :) He made a more extreme pose (moving the arm upwards, head sideways more) and I think I like the way it's going. Also matches his sortof worried/pensive/annoyed facial expression. It's a little "woe is me" and maybe a bit Shakespearean now, haha.

Only one more class to finish this one off, but after only 2 classes I'm almost as happy with it as I was with the Female sculpture after 4 classes, so definitely I'm pleased with how things have gone.

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