Monday, March 17, 2014

Long time no blog!

Hi friends and diligent readers,

I've been pretty heads-down at work and at play and haven't had too much time over the last little bit for Blogging. If you're an avid reader you've also no doubt noticed that my blog has changed quite a bit over the years -- from an initial "here's everything I ate for breakfast and what I did every minute today" over-sharing extravaganza, to a glorified re-posting "check out this article" long-winded-re-tweeting system, I've modified my blog strategy as time has progressed and new social media has come in and out of fashion.

Anyhoo -- it seems that lately my blog has mostly been for particularly targeted articles, like the Batkid one I posted back in November.

What will the blog become? I am not sure, but lately I haven't been writing much. Never fear, though. :) As always, my blog will definitely remain very much squarely focused on travel writing. I have a lot of crazy trips planned this year (China, Scotland and Israel!) -- so feel free to mentally prepare at any time for a wealth of blog-tastic epicness. I look forward to posting tons of photos and sharing my experiences. It's going to be an awesome year of travel this year, one of my busiest in a long time. Here's to the open road!

Mike :)

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