Monday, March 17, 2014

Seattle 2014: Seattle, the Redux!

And just as I was saying I never post in this blog anymore... here weeeee go! I've been too busy having fun, but here's a quick little post about a recent trip m'lady and I took back to Seattle.

You may remember from my blog that last year I went to Seattle in April to have a little mental vacation from the craziness here in SF. It was epic, and we decided to head back to Seattle to take a more-or-less 1 year anniversary trip of our first Seattle trip together. GREAT times.

Yes, I went back to Duthie Hill, the best damn bike park ever made. But more on that in a separate post. Here are a few quick highlights from the trip.

First, Dinner at Spinasse again. This time, together. And MAN was it good.
Spinasse: you legend
And then for some epic dessert, plus a random stop at GameWorld, probably just the awesomest place ever. You can play video games as well as games which give you winning tickets. The tickets can be cashed in for anything a young person might desire: namely, candy. We got a pixie stick as well as some other random candy and some slick hipster plastic glasses. Most importantly, we got my buddy Frank a hilarious fuzzy mace that I just figured he really needed to have.

Frozen Custard?!??!?!!!
And now, we ride
Wheel of Fortune
This thing is paying out!
Then we got Frank his gift, a fuzzy mace
Man, GameWorld ROCKS
Next morning, we headed to Crumpets and then I biked at Duthie Hill. Followed by some SWEET pizza.

This is getting serious
Potato Pizza
Mushroom amazingness
I love this place
Hilarious umbrella that looks like a dress
We be straight-crushin' it at life
Man. Great frickin' times. Seattle rocks.

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