Sunday, March 23, 2014

Upcoming Lecture at the San Francisco Film Society

My close friends and colleagues Matthew and Rachel will be joining me on stage at the San Francisco Film Society on Tuesday next week for an update of our 2012 talk for The Art and Science of Lucasfilm Speaker Series. Please contact SFFS if you're interested in attending. (This event is likely full already, but there may be extra space).

More details here:
This yearlong series is a collaboration with San Francisco-based legendary visual effects company Lucasfilm, now in its sixth year. Several times a year, experienced professionals from the various Lucasfilm divisions share their knowledge with Bay Area middle and high school students in behind-the-scenes, interactive multimedia presentations that demonstrate the intersection of art and science in the entertainment industry. Each event includes time for discussion, where students have the opportunity to ask questions of Lucasfilm directors, supervisors, artists and engineers.

Upcoming events:
March 25, 2014, 11:00 am
We Build Cool Stuff: A Day in the Life of a Lucasfilm Software Designer

Mike Jutan, Rachel Rose, and Matthew Parrott will talk about their work as software engineers in Lucasfilm's Research & Development department.  They will discuss how their experiences studying computer science and art helped them to achieve their goal of working as software engineers for Lucasfilm.

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