Monday, January 16, 2006

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross show

Ok this was amazing. These guys were hilarious in person and did an amazing show. Nathan came with me but unfortunately tickets were sold out, so I was there by myself... so I got FRONT row seats as they just put me at a 5-person table which already had 4 people at it! I had such an amazing view and these guys were awesome.

Bob was hilarious and everyone talked about how they came up with ideas and then they didn't work and then Bob and David tried to fix them and sometimes it worked and sometimes the ideas were so bad that they had to throw them away and just make new ones, it was SO cool. Bob talked about how it was cool to have his own sketch show because he used to write for SNL and it's a lot harder to get your ideas through in a big place like that, and he really liked the way that on Mr. Show the writers could pretty much do anything they wanted. He also talked about his other experiences on SNL and that was SO cool. I guess those guys all worked on the Ben Stiller Show too which is cool, I should watch some of that.

Anyway it was SO cool and David Cross was just as hilarious and awesome in person as you'd expect. It ROCKED!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it, these guys are such amazing movie stars, comedians, writers, etc and I was sitting like 5 metres away from them. Amazing!!

Here are some pictures from the show.

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross from Mr. Show, host Paul Gilmartin from TBS's Dinner and a Movie and crazy Brian Posehn and Paul F. Tompkins

A close up of everyone

This is how close I was to the stage!!


David Cross reaching for his beer

David Cross walking off stage

North Beach in San Francisco


More pretty pictures

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