Thursday, February 08, 2007

Real life is starting soon...

I kindof just came to the conclusion this week that "Real life" is starting very soon. I know that sounds totally ridiculous because of course I am living my "Real life" now... but I think I've finally come to that stage in a 4B-term student's life when they realize that soon the 4-month Work, School, Work, School bouncing back and forth is finally coming to a close and that the next decision for where you work will determine a whole bunch of things about your life in the future... for the short-term and for the long-term. This is NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yes that's what my week has been like. It's been stressful and scary and ahhhh!! It's getting to the point where I might have a few different decisions to make, each one being potentially a great decision and with pros and cons for all possibilities. This is nuts. As my good buddy Jake has said to me, "School is linear, and it's all planned out. Real Life is a lot different." At school. you do your assignments, you hand them in, you get marks back. At the end of the term (in the case of a Waterloo kid like me), you go for your awesome work term. Then after that you come back to Waterloo and start it all over again. This is a very linear, focused, planned-out scenario. Now when you get to the real world finally when you're done school, it doesn't work on the "Term by Term" system. I am going to have to get myself out of thinking that this is the case.

Either way, although this is a time when I might have to make some decisions that I am unsure about, I think that whatever decision I make I'll be happy with it. And also, generally, long gone are the days when you stay at one job for 40 years and then retire. So if things aren't as I am hoping for at one place, I can potentially move at a later date if that makes sense and is fair to my employer. Ohhh man, what a lot of hard decisions I need to make in the next little while. It's hard because some of these eventual options will have pros and some will have cons and most will be a combination. It's going to be really tough to make up a solid decision about what to do, since it affects so much around me and about my future. Oy. Anyway when the time comes to make the decision, hopefully things are all sorted out and it'll be easier to make then. I'll surely be posting details on here if it makes sense to, or if I just want to talk about this to my awesome blog-reading crowd.

So that's what's going on in my head this week. Also got a bunch of assignments back from school and man it's going well this term. My classes are pretty light so I am still finding LOTS of time to work out and socialize and so on, and also get all my work done. I got my Music test back and totally rocked it, sweeeet. Also it appears that my essay on Electronic Monitoring for Social Implications of Computer Science was well-received. Good times!!

Well it's 2:20am. I got like 5 hours of sleep last night at the most and had class alllll day. Tonight we went to Bubble Tea and got soup and dumplings and played cards for like 3 hours. It was fannntastic. For Soundtracks in Film (my Music class), we watched Psycho today before class and we didn't quite finish it but man it was intense.

So this week hasn't had much work to do, but I've more been freaking out a lot about the fact that I am finishing up school very soon and it's all kindof hitting me this week. Crrraazy. This trip to Europe is going to be the best idea ever. After 5 years of work-school-work-school back and forth with at most 2 or 3 weeks off at one time in between terms (and often just 2 days off), I think it's clear that I need a few months to take some time off. Yeah that's nuts. The most "vacation" I've had in the past 5 years has been 2 weeks at a time. Crazy!!!! So I think I am going to enjoy backpacking an extra-huge amount after this crazy school!! Good times though, as nuts as this ride at Waterloo has been, I've really enjoyed the people here and a lot of times the work has been very interesting, it's always been very intense, and I think I will actually miss this place once I am outta here. But for now, just rockin' through the term and trying to enjoy it as much as possible... and get my fitness back to a decent level (finally) and get to see lots of friends while they are here. Good times.

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