Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ILM Halloween 2007

On Saturday night we had the ILM/LucasFilm Halloween Party 2007 and it was sooooooooo awesome. I went with Frank and Jess, and Frank's co-worker Roland from LucasFilm Animation. Frank was rockin' the Will Ferrell "More Cowbell" costume from the famous SNL skit, Jess was Tank Girl and I was Turtle from Entourage!!

It was awesome, good food, drinks, and a huge costume contest with lots of really unique and amazing costumes that people obviously put tons of time into. There was a kids costume parade too which was really cute and everyone had a great time.

We saw George there too and got to say Hi to him which was, as you might expect, TOTALLY AMAZING!!! :) We didn't want to bug him for too long, but I tell ya - it sure is tough not to be totally super overexcited to talk to one of the pioneers of what I think is the most exciting industry in the world. :) Anyway, apart from good food and exciting costumes and so on, I also got to hang out with my new co-workers/friends/awesome people and we all had a fantastic time.

After the party we went to Josh's girlfriend's friend's house and hung out there for a while, it was quite busy and awesome, lots of good tunes, and generally we busted a move for a few hours, then off to a bar/club on Van Ness somewhere, but we weren't there long cause everyone was tired and wanted to go home. Awesome night.

Without further ado, here are some photos.

Me as Turtle from Entourage, Roland as an Undercover Cop, Frank as Will Ferrell from SNL

Light show


I think this was a squid costume

The view from upstairs

Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken from the "I need more Cowbell" skit from SNL

Starbucks Logo

Our whole group: Emily Huzl (aka "Huzl"), Frank, Jess, Josh, Jess and Me

Haha fish and sushi chef!

Basketball Net

Netflix Envelopes

Team Fortress 2 characters

Hey, It's Sean Feeley!!

Sock Monkeys

This was AWESOME, Ikea Transformers

More Ikea Transformers

Office Space

More of the finalists

Haha love those monkeys

Haha the Transformers Couch is hilarious

Me with Punn dressed up as Barry Bonds

Frank and I bustin' a move

Me with my new co-workers/homeys, Rachel and her husband, and Julien

This is how close you have to park if you want a parking spot in the city

Jess and Jess at the afterparty


Me with Huzl

Then it got busy (and awesome)

Possibly the best photo of the night

The afterparty party at a bar/club on Van Ness, busy, but we were all tired so we just stayed for a little bit. Good times!

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