Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Art of Non-Conformity

My bro Heev passed this site along to me. In a word: "WOW".

This guy's goal is to travel to EVERY country on the UN list of countries - a list of 193 - in the 5 years between his 30th and 35th birthday. Amazing.

His blog is absurdly inspiring and interesting, and it looks like he covers a wide range of topics from entrepreneurship to what he calls "travel hacking". He has a really solid message about living life to it's utmost and I really, really, reaaaaallllly like this message.

Well done Chris. After 10 seconds of reading the first article on here, I knew I'd better add it immediately to my blog roll list so I can read it often. There are some really awesome people in the world.

Check it out, this guy friggin' rocks.

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