Thursday, November 24, 2011

TEDx: thoughts and photos coming soon


It was an epic and awesome experience and I loved every minute of it. My talk went exactly as I was hoping it would. People said it seemed "conversational" and "ad-libbed" which is super awesome and exactly what I was aiming for. The only way to make it appear ad-libbed but actually stay-on-point was to prepare like a maniac for 5 months straight, which is exactly what I did. :)

Awesome times. Kevin took a bunch of great photos and I have some excellent ones from the official photographer and a few other folks too. I'll post those and some further thoughts when I get a chance.

The YouTube is currently being edited by the fine folks at IBYork, so I'll be sure to post that when it's available. Sounds like a week or two probably.

What an awesome weekend.

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