Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Weight-loss reward #1: Tea kettle and new tea

In keeping with "celebrating small successes", I've decided my reward for getting 1/3 of the way to my goal is to buy that fancy new Cuisinart tea kettle I was looking at. A friend at work recommended it and it sure looks cool. I like how it keeps the water warm and also how you can select a temperature for the type of tea leaves you're using, or for french press coffee. Very useful, and very fancy.

I wanted to buy myself something as a reward for losing 10 lbs and I wanted it to be a non food-based reward. Not clothes either as I'm planning to drop some bills on a nice suit when I reach my actual goal. The tea kettle and some new tea is perfect, because it's NOT a food based reward. It's actually one of the things that's helping me lose weight - it's really tasty and good and I'm making a point to have a few cups in the evening. I thought I might do that IF I got hungry to take my mind off snacking, but I'm actually finding that I don't even think about snacking anymore. It's pretty awesome. So that must mean the tea is working so well I don't even notice it. Even better.

So yes, I'm buying that fancy Cuisinart Tea kettle I posted a few days ago, and I'm gonna get a couple of teas from The Republic of Tea to start, as well as probably the British Sampler Pack from Upton.

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