Saturday, December 03, 2011

iMenorah 2.0: Development starting tomorrow

Well it sure has been a while hasn't it!

My bro Matthew Parrott and I wrote iMenorah back in November 2008, soon after the iTunes App Store was first announced and in preparation for the first Chanukah that the App Store was live. Since then we've only updated it a couple of times, finishing off at version 1.3 in February 2009 just with some minor bug fixes.

Tomorrow I'm happy to announce (haha, uh, "blog", I mean) that Matt and I are working on version 2.0. We're planning on a few minor bugfixes, and more excitingly aiming for a couple of new features and... dah dah dah dah... iMenorah HD for the iPad!!! Wahoo!!!

This will be our first iPad app and it's going to be fun. The purpose of this app remains the same as it has always been: a fun, safe, match-free, airline-safe, commuter-safe, dorm-room-friendly way to participate in the ancient Jewish tradition of lighting the menorah at Chanukah, and a nice opportunity to donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity of our choosing.

My Mac Mini has more than earned its keep already, but it's still trucking along like a champ. Good news tonight, just got the old code up to iOS 4.3 standards (building in 4.3, not 5.0 so we maintain backwards compatibility with those folks who have not upgraded to iOS 5.0 yet) and compiled and tested. We will be creating a Retina version for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, as well as the new iPad iMenorah HD version. Exciting!

iMenorah compiling with iOS 4.3
More exciting news to come and some discussion of the bugfixes and whatever new features we have time to implement. Good times.

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