Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TED Tipping Point

Malcom Gladwell would be proud.

Today felt like a real "tipping point" sort of day for my TED talk. This morning, my favourite film blog and Time Magazine's Blog of the Year for 2009, Slashfilm, posted my talk. This is so insanely exciting and unbelievable, and I was about to jump over the moon with excitement.

Check out the link to the /Film post here:
/Film post

Not too long after that, my talk was posted up on the TEDx website under Recently Posted Talks. It's also under the TEDxIBYork filter, the Canada filter, and you can just search for my name on the website. Pretty awesome stuff.

Check out the link here:
My talk on the Recently posted TED site

My talk on the TEDx section

Also today, ILM featured my talk on their ILM Facebook page! Amazing!

Check out the link here:

This response is incredible! Thank you all so much for watching and for sharing.

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